Aiming beyond NetZero at Christie Walk

Adventures with an environment-conscious inner-urban community

I’m fortunate to live at Christie Walk in Adelaide. It’s a community of 27 homes and gardens on 2,000m2. It was initiated by Urban Ecology Australia in 1999 as a demonstration project, to promote ecologically-sustainable and community-enhancing urban design and development.

The buildings range from stand-alone straw-bale homes to a 4-level apartment block, all designed for comfortable high-density but low-energy living.

If you’re not familiar with Christie Walk, you can read about its origins here. You’ll also find links to videos and a slideshow.

Construction of Christie Walk was finished at the end of 2006 when the third stage – a building of 13 apartments – was completed.

Christie Walk, Adelaide

But living more sustainably is never attained; it’s always an ongoing process.

So this post marks the start of a series on the adventures we’ve shared at Christie Walk in recent years as we strive to steadily improve our sustainability performance.

So you can join our adventure with Episode 1 – In hot water again.

It’s part of our special series:
Aiming beyond NetZero at Christie Walk – Adventures with an environment-conscious inner-urban community.


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